The political system in New Jersey is broken. Government is dominated by those with money and power and, far too often, the public is entirely shut out. The Good Government Coalition of New Jersey (GGCNJ) is a nonpartisan, grassroots group whose mission is to strengthen democracy by working with residents across our state to bring greater transparency, accountability, and participation to our state and local governments.

GGCNJ is proud to announce its 2020 Elections Endorsements. Vote in the Primary Election by July 7, and Don't be blinded by the Line!
Want to build a progressive party from within? Tune in to one of our training events! Contact us to organize one in your town.
Legislation in process: here is what we are doing to bring transparency and accountability to New Jersey's political system.
Voting? Click here to find out what are the different roles on your ballot. And remember: Don't be blinded by The Line!
There are so many ways you can influence what happens in your school, your home town, your district, your state. Find out what it takes to run for office for any of these roles. It may be easier than you think!